Engaging Business Leaders

The Front Project is committed to promoting the benefits of early learning amongst influential business leaders, and inspiring them to advocate for education in the earliest years of life.

Successful business people are in a uniquely strong position to push for positive change thanks to the influence they yield within their own networks. But, what’s in it for them?

Early learning offers a number of benefits to business people. For a start, education plays a key role in creating a capable, innovative, productive and future-ready workforce, and a competitive Australia. On top of that, wherever children are being engaged in learning programs, parents are free to enter or remain in the workforce, bolstering available talent and skills. 

Business leaders are therefore asked to join The Front Project’s network and use their influence for good by:

  • engaging with policy makers, government and other business people to champion the positive impacts of early learning in Australia, and the importance of policies that support an improved early childhood education system
  • writing opinion editorials, blogs and social media posts that highlight the importance of early learning for children, families, businesses, the economy and the community
  • communicating with parents in their own organisations, and sharing information on the importance of education during the first five years.

Join our network of business champions for early childhood education, and make a difference that will last for generations.

Did you know, investing in early childhood education in Australia offers a return on investment (ROI) of 1:2? That’s right! For every dollar invested today, Australia will receive $2 back over the course of a child’s life!

Check out the first comprehensive analysis of economic impacts associated with early childhood education in Australia.