Building Collective Leadership

The Apiary Fellowship brings together people from across the Early Learning space who are committed to creating thriving futures for children in Australia. Together, Fellows build their capacity for systems leadership, collaboration, and develop their capabilities to bring about lasting positive change.

By sharing their collective lived and professional experiences, diverse cultural knowledges, and systems thinking skills, Fellows identify pressing challenges facing Early Learning. They also propose responsive actions with the overarching aim to listen to, involve, and support children, families and communities both today and in the future.

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"I joined [The Apiary] to give my people a voice and to advocate for a more equitable continent full of opportunities for our jarjums and communities. I also advocate for my co-workers who are overworked, underappreciated and underpaid within our sector.”

Lisa Walker, 2019 Fellow, asked about why she joined The Apiary


“I’m interested in mental models – understanding values, beliefs, and perspectives that people bring into this work... identifying where power dynamics exist and highlighting where they do or don’t work. I’m also primarily interested in connecting with different people and the Apiary, as a “movement”, offers the opportunity to do this on a personal level as well as professionally.”

Jamie Hodgson, 2023 Fellows, asked about motivations for getting involved with The Apiary

In April, the Front Project and the Apiary warmly welcomed a new cohort of 2023 Apiary Fellows. earning space (broadly defined), bringing with them a rich diversity of experience, wisdom, and perspectives. 

In the coming months, they will continue to convene, connect, and learn together, with the aim of developing a shared action agenda with children, families and communities at the centre.