The Innovation Lab

We champion new and existing social innovations in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) and early childhood development (ECD) sectors.

Our goal is to support the transformational shifts needed to create an environment for young children, families and the early learning workforce to thrive.

At the Innovation Lab, we support the ideation, implementation, and evaluation of social innovations. These innovations are generated through the Apiary Fellowship, the Front Project, and diverse systems stakeholders.

Our approach assists early years professionals, services, and organisations to build capacity and capability to innovate in response to the systemic challenges that they face day-to-day.

Using early years system stakeholders’ insights, evidence, and out of the box thinking, we champion a flexible and contextually adaptive approach to innovation. Through an iterative problem-solving process model (see below), we support aspiring innovators to produce and progress meaningful, impactful innovations tobenefit children, families, and the early years workforce.








Drawing on internal TFP expertise and collaborative insights from external stakeholders, our Innovation Lab Process Model empowers both aspiring and seasoned innovators in early childhood sectors.

Tailored to foster effective social innovations benefiting children, families, and the workforce, this model offers iterative, flexible support.

Divided into three core phases—discovery & generation, collaboration & integration, and evaluation & acceleration—the Process Model provides clear steps, resources, and timeframes.

Whether just starting out or poised to launch a prototype, stakeholders can leverage this Process Model to appreciate their progress and envision future impact.The Process Model also helpfully fosters self-reflection, guiding stakeholders to identify learning opportunities, overcome obstacles, and enhance their capacity for social innovation in early learning and development.

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