Workforce Upskilling

The core initiatives of the Front Project aim to reduce disadvantage and bring about positive change for children at every level of the early childhood education system.

Directly informed by our evidence base and systems change approach, these initiatives collectively engage in moving the system towards universal participation in early childhood education and removing the barriers that hold disadvantage in place.

The Front Project’s Online Community is your online home for ECEC voices
A valuable tool allowing students to benefit from the knowledge and experience of seasoned ECEC professionals

Enhancing Workforce Quality

Our Online Community ensures that ECEC practitioners are equipped to provide the highest quality early learning services.



Building Collective Leadership

Our Apiary Fellowship brings together individuals who are committed to enhancing leadership and collaboration in the early childhood education sector, for the benefit of children, families and the sector.

Engaging Business Leaders 

We engage with influential business figures to demonstrate the wide social benefits of early learning and empower them to advocate amongst their own networks for universal access.

Developing the Evidence Base 

We develop evidence-based research papers and reports both to inform our initiatives and provide supporters with advocacy tools to create change.